Call Centres, An Integral Part Of Any Organization

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Call centres are an integral part of any organization in today’s modern business as they play a crucial role in the business world and act as the primary source of contact with the customers (Abbott, 2010). The performance of such call centres is increasingly getting important in ensuring an organization offers superior service to end-users, and allow end-users and customers to communicate through any channel, and minimize the costs of doing business (Bruton, 2012; Tom, 2012). As the environment changes every day, customers are becoming more demanding and sophisticated in terms of needs and desires, and their quality level of services and products they desire get the same time, the market is dynamic and keeps adapting to the changing needs or the new needs are developed by influencing the market (James, 1998; Tom, 2012). Therefore, every organisation aims at keeping the resources (both human and technical) as high as possible while maintaining the service quality of the customers and ensuring employee satisfaction. A balanced approach is required in ensuring a careful balance is maintained between various interests that compete, such as high-quality service, low operating costs and keeping employees satisfied. In achieving the objectives of an efficient call centre, Rustic Americana will need to adapt appropriate operational practice and best technical management approaches in ensuring that it handles the current challenges. Appropriate strategy and supporting
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