Capturing, Transferring And Disseminating Information Technology Organizations

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1. Dissertation Title Capturing, Transferring and Disseminating Project Knowledge in Information Technology Organizations. 2. Introduction Presently, knowledge is being recognized as one of the significant assets for Information Technology (IT) organizations particularly, project knowledge. The Organization will lose project knowledge when a key employee leaves during project or after a project. This problem leads IT organization to develop effective solutions for capturing, transferring and disseminating individual employee’s knowledge (Suresh and Egbu, 2012). Projects are defined as temporary operation, non-routine endeavors limited by scope of time, cost, quality and resources. It is undertaken to create a unique result in order to design to meets business case (PMBOK, 2013). So, during the project timeframe new knowledge will be produced, including technical knowledge and project knowledge. According to Hanisch et al. (2009), knowledge comes from learning processes that are processed and developed individually in human brain. It refers to the set of experiences, skills, circumstantial information, and methodologies that are applied to deal with problems. Project knowledge is referred to knowledge within and about project. It describes an overview landscape of a project (Frey et al., 2009). In a project-based environment, knowledge is embedded in the scope definition, project documents, final report, conferencing documents and procedure of controls,
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