Case Study 3 Mcdonalds and Obesity

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Case Study 4 McDonalds 1) How should Mac respond when ads promoting healthy lifestyle featuring Ronald McDonald are equated with Joe Camel and Cig ads? Should Mac eliminate Ronald McDonald in its ads? I do not believe it is necessary to eliminate Ronald McDonald as the mascot. The comparison to Joe Camel is rather unfair. Although McDonalds uses Ronald to market its unhealthily to children, it is not the same as smoking and getting addicted to cigarettes (, 2016). McDonalds should used Ron’s image in a different way, promoting healthy food and activity, less focus on the food even and focus on charitable work. Ronald is among top 25 mascots of all times. (, 2016) Ronald McDonalds should make visits to …show more content…

The company seems to have tried many different approaches to deal with the problem, but the problem persists. List all the problems facing McDonald’s and critique its various approaches to solve the problem. One problem growing awareness of the obesity and health issues that McDonald’s due to the hit movie “Super Size Me” (Flint, Hudson and Lavallee, 2015). As a solution McDonalds should launched more healthy additions to the menu such as all white meat chicken and more fruit bag options. Also add all the important nutritional values on packaging and menu. Another problem is the market size for McDonalds is not very strong in the U.K. (Flint, Hudson and Lavallee, 2015).People are somewhat embarrassed to admit to other that they ate at a McDonalds restaurant. McDonalds needs to establish a stronger market position and modified products with lower cholesterol content. Lastly launched an ad campaign focused towards kids and the UK government banned it. McDonalds should have done more market research before launching this campaign and have more resect for the government and its laws. 5) Develop a long-term plan and a short-term plan for McDonald’s. For its long-term plan McDonalds should attempt to enhance public perception for a “healthy” side. In order to boost public perception perhaps advocate more social responsible activities such as charities and cancer research. Short term they should focus on healthy ads, different

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