Case Study : Business Process Reengineering

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Business Process Reengineering
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“I think that this is the work of angels. In a world where so many people are so deprived, it 's a sin to be so inefficient.” This is what Dr. Michael Hammer had to say when discussing his 1990s breakthrough business process reengineering idea (The Economist). As defined by Dr. Hammer himself, reengineering is to “use the power of modern information technology to radically redesign our business processes in order to achieve dramatic improvements in their performance.(HARVARD BUS REV)” The theme of my Management and Leadership class at Concordia is innovation and it enhanced my desire to learn about different innovative techniques in the business setting. We have oft discussed that if a business doesn’t innovate then it will go extinct (Daft and Marcic 311). Business process reengineering is one of the most influential business change movements of all time and it has been mired in controversy and shaken up the business world with both positive and negative contributions
Literature Section: In 1990, while he was a Computer Science professor at MIT, Dr. Michael Hammer developed his idea of business process reengineering, or BPR for short (Economist) He published an article in the Harvard Business Review where he hoped to usher in a new era business efficiency by evaluating, streamlining, combining, and

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