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It is always important to research your interviewee before conducting your interview. The main reason is because you never want to offend anyone nor do you want to be disrespectful without actually meaning it. If you want a good turnout especially in a business setting always see whom your audience is. Some common areas of intercultural misinterpretations are female-male interaction, respectfulness, attire, and language. Keywords: interview, respect, Japan, persuasion, taboos

In scenario number two, Margaret Owens is getting ready to conduct interviews in order to find Japanese representatives to help her company market a line of pharmaceuticals in Japan. After having her interview with the Japanese representative she was …show more content…

The case did not specify if the interviewees were all women, all men, or if it was both men and women at the interview. But lets say if all the interviewees were men, Margaret Owens could of research how to conduct her interview before the actual date to ensure that things went smooth. For example it is appropriate to swap business cards (Meishi) when you are meeting them for the very first time. It is also appropriate to make sure that you examine the business card very vigilantly and to memorize their name. Since this was a business interview I am sure the interviewees had business cards to give to Margaret and if they did she probably did not know what to do and may have just accepted but in the disrespectful way which is putting it into her pocket or not accepting it with both of her hands (Maciamo, n.d.).
“Respect” in this case somewhat goes hand in hand with male and female interaction. Every culture has their own definition of respect and knowing this is very important (Bell, 2010). According to Margaret Owens and most of America, showing eye contact lets others know that you are listening and you are paying attention and really care of what the other person is saying. But according to Margaret Owen’s boss who is Asian, showing eye contact can mean disrespectful and

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