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Case Study – Motor Parts Corporation At first, I was under the impression that this case study was about a moral dilemma. Whether firing Al during this time of need would be the right thing to do, despite it being necessary for the company to continue its success. But after reading the book I can see how this case study doesn’t have to be about right or wrong, but instead about how communication can be an important tool within an organization. Motor Parts Corp. (MPC) is running a business, and therefore needs to be operating at 100% at all time. Business doesn’t rest, and any sort of distractions can be the difference between a revenue gain and loss. As president of MPC, Bob Marvin, has one objective over any other, and that it to…show more content…
With a proper understanding of communication, we come to realize that the actual case study is not in regards to Bob or Al being correct, but that a different approach in the way they were communicating could have improved the situation for both parties. In Al’s case, just like IBM had done, he could have used technology as his main tool to combat his inability to travel. Armed with the internet and a smart phone, he could have been present in the decision making conversations of the company, without having to be in the building. Technology would have provided him with the necessary tools to keep monitoring his employees and providing input to all subordinates under his control. In fact, with the advancement of cameras, he could have even been able to see how his employees react to his questions and how they provide answers. Between 60 to 90 percent of interpersonal communication is nonverbal; therefore being able to see employees would certainly be an asset to any manager. Body language, or Kinesics, is extremely important when it comes to determining what a person is trying to say. A meeting with camera capabilities can be invaluable in ensuring that both parties encode and decode the messages being sent and received. Then we have Bob, whose frustration is more than valid as he tries to ensure the improvement of the company under his command. Bob should have communicated to Al his concerns, and found ways for Al to
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