Case Study Of Ava

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act like that she would also get a hug. From our lecture notes, categorization is when the child can distinguish the similarity between things and place it in the same category. Before we go outside, the kids must clean up. I have watched Ava and she knows the play food goes by the kitchen, the baby dolls go on the shelf, and the books need to go by the reading rug. A child’s memory will continue to increase while they are growing. Ava’s memory is expanding, but she can remember a lot of things. She knows the things around the center that she has been introduced to and she knows the routines of everyday. With children this age, get what you want done quickly because they all have a short attention span. Ava will start playing with …show more content…

I have not heard her say many words, but when she does I cannot understand what she is saying most of the time. She can say and wave hey and bye perfectly and in the most precious way. She is at the age where she can say words to get your attention. A holophase is when a child will say one word, but is meaning multiple words. I cannot remember Ava using a holophase. She did not combine words when I was around her, but she is not quite at the age yet to perform that milestone. She may talk more at home with her parents, but she barely says anything while I am at the Child Development Center. If she is sitting in my lap, I will try to get her to interact with me like a conversation. She will make sounds by crying, screaming and laughing. Ava will scream a lot in the 2 hours I am at the center with her. If she does not get her way, she will throw a tantrum and scream. The teacher will play this animal song about marching with the animals and the kids will get to act and sound like the animal that is playing. d. Social & Emotional According to the ASQ, Ava scored a 35 out of 60 for social and emotional. Ava’s emotional milestone is she can understand facial emotions and she begins to use strategies of self-regulation. Self-regulation is when the child is able to evaluate one’s emotions to cope and provides many strategies. Ava can look at her peers and teachers for a reference of her emotions for a certain situation. The children will hear verbal self-soothing

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