Case Study Of KFC As A Successful Public Company

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Executive Summary:
To determine if the fast food brand KFC falls under Tripple Bottom Line standards regarding prosperity, environmental quality and social quality. Through the following research the hypothesis “KFC operates as a successful public company” will either be proven or disproven.
People: (Phipps)
KFC teaches employees basic life skills such as:
• High standards Eg: Food quality is consistent
• Time management
• Strong work ethic
• Front line customer service
• Sending them on training courses in where they invest 15milllion to get these procedures under way.
• Recognition programs also get implemented where the top 5 employees are rewarded for their hard work and dedication. Eg: Champs Team Challenge
• If you happen
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(strydom, 2014)
• Fairness: Business will be considered when evaluating all parties. Eg: Each employee is provided with the same opportunity to become Employee of the Month. (strydom, 2014)
• Responsibility: Management should fulfil their promises Eg: Employees should actually get rewarded for their hard work. (strydom, 2014)
King III:
• Applies to all forms of ownerships (strydom, 2014)
• Directors should be investigated if there should be suspicions that they are not independent. (strydom, 2014)
• In case of misrepresentation directors may be held liable. (strydom, 2014)
Hypothesis: ‘KFC Operates as a successful Public company.’
• KFC is a successful public company due to the fact that its trading name and legal identity is so well-known worldwide. It provides us the general public with true and reliable advertising gimmicks. Its Corporate Social Responsible enhances young kids opportunities to become what they want and also keeps them fed. Each shareholder is also allowed to invest in shares easily also receiving a good return on investment. (A.Pinnock,
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