Case Study Of Sabco

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Recruit MDC owners- Instead of Coca Cola South Africa bringing in their own people to manage the MDCs , Sabco sees this as opportunity to provide employment to the masses that are currently unemployed due to bad economic conditions of that country. The sales manager of Sabco goes out and recruit candidates that shows a potential to be a good MDC owner. The chosen candidates must meet a certain criterial level in order to be in business with Coca Cola Sabco, the owners need to ensure that they are willing to be involved with the business on a full time basis in order to avoid interruption in their supply chain process, show strong work ethic, access to a suitable site that can accommodate the requirements to meet the quality standard set by Coca Cola Company, sufficient funds to start up the operation and there should be a good relationship between the owner of the MDC and the community in the surrounding area where the centre will be built.
Define MDC territory and customer base-Once the MDC owner has been picked, he or she is given special authorisation to the information regarding the geographical location of the retail outlets which MDC owner will be licensed to service. The strategy behind the MDC location decision was to ideally make sure its centers to be within 1 km from the …show more content…

Everyone has different roles within the organization from the top management, middle management and the supervisor along with the ground workers, they all focus on different aspects of the business as needed but the Kaizen philosophy has created a level in the hierarchy that all the employees from different departments and levels perform a similar task of implementing a continuous improvement culture within the organization operation

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