Case Study--- Personalize Your Management Development

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Case Study--- Personalize Your Management Development
As I am reading the case, Personalize Your Management Development, I really touched by the author and I really learned a lot from the case. As everyone knows, different people have their different characteristics so they will have their own principle and procedure to deal things. Therefore, the different characteristics made the different working styles as manager. As a company, you will have a lot of different managers so personalize the specific management development projects are really essential to the company. After I read the case, I have a general sense about the different kinds of managers in company and I can imagine what they will do in management. In the case, the author
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The author told one of them that they are really talented but they are not fooling anyone. After that the author tried some other ways to change those people and the more they proved themselves able to learn from others, the more successful they would be. At the end the author found out that most of those managers are using a self-deprecating honesty to replace the phony self-confidence.

Thirdly, the author introduced a kind of people who are unknown leader. Those people have the right blend of confidence and leadership skills, but they fail to develop relationships outside of a small circle of colleagues. In my opinion, those people are something like the reluctant one. Because they all have the ability to lead the team but they lack a necessary confidence of leading. What is more, this kind of unknown leader are seldom make network to other staffs in the company. So the author firstly tried to let them aware that they will not get promoted if they didn 't begin to network. Namely, asking them to start talking and networking with others so that they could market for themselves. Therefore, the author tried to train them from the first beginning, which is make them become more comfortable meeting and talking with new people. After a period of exercise, those managers aware that they are natural ability to think analytically and drive to a deeper level in conversations impressed others. Besides, the people who are talking with them will also feel
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