Case Study : The Maritime Industry

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The Maritime Industry is made of many different facets that make the business successful. One subdivision in particular, ship management, is a piece of the puzzle which often times is overlooked due to the extensive amount of work that is done behind closed doors. Although much of the labor is handled quietly, it remains a very essential and crucial part of the business. With ship management being an umbrella sector in the Maritime Industry, there are various core responsibilities that it houses, including technical management, crewing, quality and safety management, financial management, and procurement. Most ship management companies engage in the same game, creating a fierce competition among them. In order to succeed, it is imperative that your company stands out from the others. A customized ship management plan offered to clientele creates an environment that allows both the company and its clients propel their way to success within the ship management industry.
There was once a time where an occupation and those engaged in it, were so; as a result of passed down family heritage and history or current employment within that industry meant they were the most knowledgeable for that job. Historically, the individual who purchased the ship, had the ship built, and carried cargoes of their choice to where they chose were known as ship-owners (Dickie, 2014). This time is now many years behind us, along with the concept of job loyalty. To clarify my previous sentence, allow
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