Cell Observation Report

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Good morning. This is Larry Lysosome here. I work at The Cell Corporation. My job here at Cell Co. is to recycle the other malfunctioning parts of the cell and return their nutrients back into the cell. I write to you because I am aware that you will soon be firing some employees here at Cell Co. and wanted to inform you that Cell Co. would be a complete mess without me (no pun intended). I'm a vital part of the corporation and it would be nearly impossible for the other organelles as well as you Mrs.Eukaryote to work properly without me. So I ask that you take a moment to listen to me and consider what I have to say.
Mrs. Eukaryote, have you ever walked into your office or into the main lobby and seen a speck of malfuntioning organelle …show more content…

However, they never get caught! This is complete outrageous! I'm the only organelle that's not allowed to mess up! If I screw up you can't just recycle me and put me back. But when Gary the Golgi Apparatus drops tons of vesicles and leaves the protein lying on the floor, no one complains. And why is no one concerned with the fact that vacuole stores waste material? Like seriously! Why store waste if it's waste? Give it to me, and with my skills, I'll find a way to reuse it! And I don't know if you've noticed it but Ricky Ribosomes has been sticking to the wrong ER lately. It's really annoying. Speaking of ER, why is Sammy the Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum even here? If Cynthia the Cell Membrane was doing her job right, there shouldn't be any "harmful substances" for Sammy to remove. Maybe you should reconsider hiring Cynthia. But that's just my opinion. You know, it's actually really hard being Mr. Lysosome. Especially when Michael Mitochondria produces too much ATP and is super hyper. Then I have to clean up the left over energy, and his attitiude! Whenever things need to be fixed, I'm the one you count on. Not even Noah Nucleus could survive without me, and he's super independent. Firing me would probably be one of the worst mistakes you've ever made in your entire life. Personally, I think I deserve a promotion. You know, I'm the one who's always putting up with everyone's crap (pun

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