Cell Phones, Pagers And The Pda

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The recent advancements in the technology have made the coupling of the powerful processors along with the memory system very easy with the wireless communications and also high resolution based display to the wrist watch. This incorporation of the new technologies to the wrist watch has led to development of the smart watch technology. This smart watch has been specified in the name of wearable computer. People can be easily being in touch with the recent technologies and the on-going communication with the help of this smart watch. In case of the devices like mobile phones, pagers and the PDA they must be initially opened and then only they can be accessed. The instant-on paradigm used by these devices is the main success
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Current watches are highlights on SMS service, remote control and evaluate the movements by internal accelerometer.One of the first smartwatches, with camera, voice control an notifications. You can see you hav an email, but are able to read it. The smartwatches on the other hand have taken to the next level where the instantly-viewable paradigm is used. The chance of misplacing the watches is also very less when compared to that of the mobile phones and pagers as these smart watches will be kept on the wrists. Despite of the different advantages offered by smart watch technology, there are several challenges that must be addressed while designing a smart watch technology. The design of the smart watch must be based on the small screen where there is no space for the input devices or for the batteries. The value provided to the smart watch platform mainly depends on the way of identifying proper solutions to all these challenges. This report covers the main technologies that are required while developing the smart watch. Along with these technologies, the main challenges that haveto be addressed during the smart watch design process are also covered.The new watch devices which are introduced in the market do not support functions to estimating and evaluate personal activities in terms of software and hardware. That’s due to new watches needs pairing device to communicate with other devices. It has problem with
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