Character Flaws

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In this paper, I will write my response to the assigned reading of chapter four from How to Run Your Business by The Book by Dave Anderson. Character flaws
For me, the character issues that I need to work on the most are do not tell “white lies”, going the second mile, and do not give false impressions. There has been too many times at work where I have not been as truthful as I should be. Did you complete that task, “Yes I have” when actually I have only partial completed. I have taken office supplies without asking. I even do school work when I should be doing my job. The school work also ties in with going the second mile. I say to myself, “You have done what you were suppose too so it will not matter if you do your school work now” when
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I can be honest with my manager. If I am not completely done let him know. Say, “I have most of it done, and I will finish shortly”. I will only work on class work during my break times if I work on it at all. I will not do just enough anymore but will look for things to do once I have completed my tasks. I will do my work completely not just go through the motions. I will ask God to guide me in my endeavors at work keeping me focused on the task.
My leader’s character flaw
For leadership where I work, I find the do not give false impressions to be the biggest character flaw. Instead of coming out and say what they mean. They give the yes/no answer. They have mislead the people here from time to time to get more work out of the employees. If you do this then we will give you that. Then do not follow through. They sometimes like to hold things over your head to get a reaction or a desired outcome.
Steps to help leaders recognize flaw
One thing I can do is to bring this flaw to their attention. They might not even recognize it as something wrong or bad. I can also be honest with them on how it makes me and others feel when treated that way. I hope that true and honest discussion will help them to see what they are doing is not
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