Characteristics Of A Good Leader

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Every day, established companies perform operations to serve the worldwide population with some type of product or service. It is important to understand the behavior of individuals within these organizations in order to have the ability for further development. Individuals are all defined by certain behaviors and characteristics. Specifically from a management standpoint, it is important to understand these behaviors and characteristics so that the manager can demonstrate a certain leadership style that will work best within their own organization. There is a common saying within most organizations, stating that all leaders should be managers, but not all managers should be leaders (Sun). Aspiring leaders need to identify the various types of leadership styles that exist, as well as the characteristics of a good leader, in order to choose the correct implementation within an organization. Firstly, aspiring leaders need to recognize all of the various styles of leadership that exist. Often, more than one leadership style is implemented to accomplish the desired results of the leader (Blanken). While a multiple of leadership styles exist, three well-known and commonly-practiced leadership styles that will be examined include the Autocratic, Democratic and the Laissez-Fare. These three leadership styles were discovered by psychologist Kurt Lewin in nineteen-thirty nine (Cherry). Psychologist Lewin completed a study that involved assigning various schoolchildren to one of
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