Characteristics Of The Ideal Leader

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Starcorp Industries A. Starcorp Industries Starcorp Industries is an aerospace contractor employing over 8,000 employees, and they are geared up and ready for their new NASA project. Starcorp has focused on the human resources of the organization to deal with the organization’s dysfunctions created form the layoffs, terminations, and lack of trust issues. In the process lost their CEO to a high level government position, their Board of Directors is looking for a new leader who can take on the company leading it to the next level by creating a culture of highly motivated, innovate employees. Starcorp Industries needs a leader to help guide the organization’s current position into a successful one, while working to complete the contract they received from NASA. B. Characteristics of the ideal leader The characteristics of the ideal leader, replacing the CEO of Starcorp’s would be challenging, as a leader is going to have to lead the employees through the recently acquired contract for NASA. The Board of Directors could concentrate their search for a symbolic and transactional leader whose approach would focus on vision and inspiration of the organization. The symbolic frame is the basic building blocks of the culture one can create in an organization. A symbolic leader feels that people need to believe that their personal work, and the work of the organization, is important and meaningful. Using the symbolic framework approach the leader will be able to express the goals and

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