Leadership Qualities Of A Leader

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Leadership, as u can easily know the meaning from the word. It is basically a process where a person influences others to ensure that they reach their goals, directs the organization towards success. However, it also depends on how effective the leader is and on the followers’ interests. It can basically be termed as teamwork, where an individual (a leader) influences a group of people to make sure that they achieve the goal.
I did the assessment of myself from Keirsey personality temperament sorter chart to find out the leadership quality in me. Initially, I thought I am not a good leader and I don’t have the great quality to be a leader. The chart helps me figure out and understand what leadership quality I have. I have
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I believe by knowing my strengths and weaknesses, it will help me to improve the quality of my leadership style. I will try to overcome my weaknesses with the strengths I have.
Strengths and Weaknesses
I will identify few of the strengths and weaknesses, which I found out through the research I did about the ENFJs on the intranet. According to Keirsey & Bates, only 5% population in general has the ENFJ leadership style. ENFJs may find themselves feeling responsible for the feelings of others to an extent, which places a burden on the relationship (Keirsey & Bates, 1984).
I found some of the strengths in me, which is common for most of ENFJs. All the personalities are not same and it may vary person to person though. One of the common strengths I found is I am a very reliable and tolerant person and yes, this is very true of myself. People I know have trust on my decision. They found me reliable and they know I am a very tolerant person in any strange situations. I always listen to them, value their opinions and try to help and see it through. I am always ready to take a stand and avoid the contradiction. Most ENFJs are like that and they usually avoid contradictions. ENFJs are selfless and so am I. I didn’t realize this quality in me before I did the assessment of myself. I am concerned more about others’ wishes and needs than my own. I really care about what other thinks and I take the further
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