Child Should Be Tried At Bath Time Essay

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- Babies…When babies are born they do certain actions without even a thought for example, swallowing milk, moving of the head and putting their fingers around objects that are put into their hands.
- One month…After one month a baby would have changed massively from birth! For example, their reflexes may not be as strong as they were, they may stop crying after hearing a familiar voice around them or being picked up and starting to relax at bath time.
- Three months…By three months the baby should be able to lift and turn their head, notice familiar things around them, enjoying bath time and smiling back at people.
- Six months…At 6 months you should expect the baby to be able to sit up without being held, be able to roll over from back to front, being curious of what is around them, laughing, and lifting up their arms when wanting to be picked up.
- Nine months…At this age the child should be either crawling or rolling, feeding themselves using their fingers, exploring things using their mouth and hands and trying to stay near to a familiar adult (usually their parent or carer ).
- One year…By one year a child should be able to stand up using the furniture, pick up small toys, waving ‘’hello’’ and ‘’goodbye’’, pointing to things to get an adults attention, babbling in a tune and crying if they can’t see a familiar adult.
- 18 months…After 18 months the child should be able to walk up stairs with help, be able to feed them self with a spoon, saying more words rather

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