City Of Cincinnati Case Study

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The study area in this research is the City of Cincinnati ( hereafter Cincinnati), the core of the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Area with relatively high density interstate highways: I-71, I-74, and I-75, as well as more dense state highways served as the crucial accesses for citizens in Cincinnati. The city of Cincinnati is within Hamilton County. Based on the data acquired from one government agency, Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS), the total area of Cincinnati is 79.524 square miles, divided into 50 neighborhoods. Moreover, the necessary socio-economic data such as population density and median household income within 736 block groups was also acquired from the US Census Bureau. The figure below shows Cincinnati with its…show more content…
In 2010, there are 13,560 street segment features representing the road center lines throughout Hamilton County, Ohio which includes Cincinnati and within which, 5,206 lines are located within Cincinnati. Figure 2.2 shows the roads throughout Cincinnati and adjacent Hamilton…show more content…
After geocoding, a process that transform robbery records from text file to the point shapefile data in ArcGIS based on the address and zip code of every record, 98.97% incidents in 2010 and 98.76% incidents in 2013 were successfully located in Cincinnati, specifically, along the roads and streets. This geocoding progress could be considered as accepted and reasonable, given the fact that more than 98% cases were successfully located, which was beyond the 85% threshold proposed by Ratcliffe in 2004. The overall pattern of robberies happened in Cincinnati in 2010 and 2013 are shown in Figure 2.5 and
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