Civil Society Brewing Case Study

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March 19th, 2016 forever changed the beer landscape for Jupiter, Florida. This was the first of what will be many bottle and/or can releases for one of the newest breweries to grace the South Florida horizon. A woman walking by asked me what the line was for. I proceeded to explain how Civil Society Brewing was having their first bottle release which in this case was in the form a 32oz crowler. 375 crowlers (3 per person) would, in fact, be released to fans who had come from as far away as Miami. What is Pulp you ask? Well, it is an American pale wheat ale that comes in at 6.3% abv. Civil takes the wheat beer to a whole new level by lovingly caressing it with Columbus and Mosaic hops which give it the sweet smell and taste of a myriad of citrus flavors. Pulp pours with just the slightest of yellow haze …show more content…

We opened a growler of Tree House Brewing’s Double Shot, a bottle of Hardywood Park Craft Breweries Foolery, and a bottle of Casey Brewing’s East Bank. By the time 11:00am had rolled around the line had reached 67 craft beer loving souls. The doors were opened and ID’s were checked. The whole process ran very smooth. Folks waited in line for a few minutes until reaching the front where they chose a wristband which was color coordinated with the number of crowlers they were purchasing. Once the wristband was received we were able to purchase something from the tap menu. Other than Pulp the two hits of the morning seemed to be the two treatments of Gary. Gary is Civil’s milk stout which was treated with Hazelnuts for ‘Gary goes nuts’ and with bananas foster for ‘Gary goes bananas.’ I’m usually not a big fan of hazelnut beers, but ‘Gary goes nuts’ was delicious. ‘Gary goes bananas’ was also very good, but the hazelnut took the win for me. The last crowler of Pulp was sold just before 2:00pm to finish off Civil’s first release with flying

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