Cloud Based Solutions for Computer Aided Engineering

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Cloud Based Solutions for Computer Aided Engineering
As cloud computing and services become increasing popular, companies like Autodesk and Ciespace are providing cloud based solutions for computer-aided engineering (CAE). The various computer software used to aid in engineering simulation and analysis tasks will be provided as a services. The cloud based CAE have various advantages over non-cloud based CAE. It is more convenient, cheaper and efficient.
Cloud based CAE is more convenient, as it allows anyone with the login details to have access to the software and files. It is also not restricted to a particular computer, as the software and files are stored in the cloud storage. Having said that, the user will have access to their work anytime and anywhere regardless which computer they are using. In addition to that, the user can edit their work without having to send the updated one to the rest of the users. Because, whenever their work are being updated it will affect other users automatically and simultaneously.1
Cloud based CAE is relatively cheaper, as parallel cloud computing eliminates the need to own multiple computers with high processing speed in order to perform the complex engineering simulation and analysis tasks. And since the software is available in the cloud, the user do not have to purchase the software licence. The guest lecturer, Dr Posco also stated that there is no upfront investment as the cloud services adopted the pay as you go method. Which is

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