Cloud Computing : Cutting Edge Technology

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Cloud Computing: Cutting-Edge Technology Introduction This report describes the benefits of combining cloud computing with a worldwide company. A primary goal for a leading organization in the paint industry is efficiency. With stores in 6 different countries PPG needs cloud computing to deliver high-quality, innovative and sustainable solutions for their customers. The following sections support our proposal with information about IT cost, automation, scalability, mobility and more. Cloud protocol is eco-friendly and will back up your mission statement by protecting and beautifying the world. Project Description Cloud computing allows the owner to build a private infrastructure as a service for their …show more content…

Furthermore, disaster recovery allows the possibility to switch over to a mobile system like a tablet or smart phone without losing critical data. These capabilities allow customers and vendors accessibility in to meetings so they can exchange opinions and information. This prompts an increase in reaction time to opportunities or problems that may arise in your business. Staff and Qualifications This report was a collaboration between my colleague Gianna M. Dominico and I. Gianna serves as the project coordinator for this report. She resolves operational problems and identifies work process improvements. With a major in Business Management and Computer science my partner is responsible for ensuring the latest technology and methods are implemented with the installation of the cloud. With her Intelligence and my proactive management, we represent the opportunity to improve efficiency in your company. Cloud Computing: The Benefits IT Cost Cloud based computing is affordable for any type of business, small or large. With the ability to save money on all fronts such as server maintenance, software costs, and upgrade expenses. For a monthly fee, PPG can keep all their software updated without paying for unneeded or unused programs. The cloud has the capability to stretch and accommodate large scale demands, as well as decrease if your company’s demands lower. Out of all the organizations that use cloud computing, 49% drove their cost efficiencies up. With rapid

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