College Admissions Public Relations Campaign Essay

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Each year colleges around the world rally to obtain the best and brightest students. Success is the key factor for this search, as colleges and universities survive on revenue generated by those students who not only choose their institution, but also remain at their institution and complete their chosen course of study. Additionally, colleges receive ranking based on the credentials and success of their students, which only enhances their financial success. The following is a proactive public relations strategy designed to generate increased applications by higher academic achievers whereby increasing higher academic achievers admissions. Recruiting students can only be accomplished by attracting the attention of students, educating…show more content…
Public Relations Audit Previous attempts to obtain high achiever admission focused heavily on junior and senior high school students. Although this strategy has yielded adequate results, the process of actually choosing a college begins at the freshman level (Flemming, n.d.). This is the focus of this PR strategy, to target high achieving 9th and 10th grade high school students for early college admission. Public Relations Plan The objective of this public relations plan is to increase enrollment of high achiever students. The goal is to accomplish this increase through an early enrollment plan. The college will offer full and partial scholarships to qualified 9th and 10th grade students that continue to maintain high academic standards through high school graduation based on need. This will be accomplished through an advertised annual talent search promoting the availability and awarding of these scholarships know as the “Investing in Our Future” campaign. Situation Analysis Currently admission efforts have been directed toward high school junior and seniors. This strategy has not been effective in obtaining a marginal amount of high achiever enrollees nor has it promoted future enrollees. Program Objectives The primary object of this new program is to generate an increase of high achiever admissions through future enrollment. By targeting a younger group of students, the college can
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