Communication And Source Document Comprehension

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Communication and Source Document Comprehension

When translating documents, the quality of the source document is directly related to the time it takes to translate it, the expense associated with the translation, and the speed and expense of translating similar documents in the future. One of the key issues associated with source documents and translation is the level of communication between the author and the translator.

A Translator 's View of Source Documentation

When a translator looks at your source documents, they do not see them the same way that you do. You see a holistic package, a completed story or presentation that you worked hard on and perfected, and a fluent document that flows seamlessly from start to end. Translators see a raw document in its infancy that contains thousands of words and phrases that need to be identified, contextualized, and replaced with words and phrased that make sense in another language. They see your use of flowery language, idioms, and colloquialisms as a handicap to effective translation, and any creative use of terminology as hours of extra work trying to undo the lack of consistency that is required in many documents.

Many of the examples you slaved over to ensure your source language audience better understood your message are likely going to be lost on your target language audience. The buzz words and abbreviations you used to keep your documents sounding intelligent and up-to-date need to be altered, explained, and

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