Communication Barriers as an Organizational Behavior Issue

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The hospital is one of the largest in the United States, with multiple sites, multiple buildings, and a diverse staff. This makes communication a challenge not only for providing quality care, but also for fostering innovation and leadership throughout the organization. Recommendations are provided to improve communication with the objective of improving overall performance and fostering greater innovation and sense of ownership among the employees.

Background and History of the Organization
The organization that is the subject of this study is Jackson Memorial Hospital, located adjacent to downtown Miami. The hospital opened in 1918, only twelve years after Miami was founded. At the time it was a 13-bed community hospital but today hosts over 1550 beds and is part of a large hospital organization. The hospital has grown organically, with buildings and extensions having been added gradually. Today, Jackson Memorial is the centerpiece of the Jackson Health System. The System has a number of clinics, a children's hospital, a rehabilitation hospital, a trauma center and regional medical centers to serve other areas of Miami-Dade County (Jackson Memorial Hospital, 2012).

The organizational structure of the Jackson Health System has each facility as its own operating unit. There may be some cross-pollination of staff between units. The…
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