Communication Disorders

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What is Communication Disorder?
• a speech, language and hearing disorder which refers to problems in communication and in related areas such as oral motor function. • The symptoms vary depending on the particular type of communication disorder, but they generally center around problems communicating.

• Children with communication disorders have deficits in their ability to exchange information with others.

• a multidimensional dynamic process that allows human beings to interact with their environment. Communication also includes cues such as intonation, pace of speech, and stress (emphasis), as well as nonverbal information such as gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact. • The
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Other names for receptive language disorder include central auditory processing disorder and comprehension deficit.
They have a problem in language processing which is half of language. Language processing is essentially listening to and interpreting the spoken language.

In most cases, the child with a receptive language problem also has an expressive language disorder, which means they have trouble using spoken language.

Receptive Language Disorder
• It is estimated that between three and five percent of preschool children have a receptive or expressive language disorder and 3% of school-age children but is probably less common than Expressive Language Disorder, or a mixture of both.

Receptive Language Disorder
• There is no standard set of symptoms that
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