Communication Skills Increase Successful Relationships

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Social skills are needs we all should have in order to communicate in all types of environments. Having

strong communication skills increase successful relationships. (Anxiety BC, 2015) Communication skills

are the key to developing and keeping friendships which help build a strong social support

team. (Anxiety BC, 2015) Skills are things we learn during our stages of growth, which we come to

acknowledge trial and error. There are three areas of communication that we should practice: 1. Non-

verbal communication, 2.Conversation skills and assertiveness. (Anxiety BC, 2015) Communication can

be displayed in many different ways such as; body language, via email and text messaging, sign language

and even letters. There are some people who are intellectual that can communicate with sound and

pictures in order for you to understand what they may want or need. Some nonverbal things we

may not pay attention to posture, movement and gestures, physical distance, eye contact, facial

expression, volume of voice and tone of voice. The tone of voice we use to communicate sends

off what types of emotions we may be feeling. (Anxiety BC, 2015) Conversation skills deals with starting

conversations and keeping them going. (Anxiety BC, 2015) Assertive communication is the honest

expression of one’s own needs, wants and feelings, while respecting those of the other person.

(Anxiety BC, 2015)Communicating assertively means your manner is non-threatening and non-

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