Company Analysis : Henry Ford Hospital

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Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, is a level one trauma center that is recognized for clinical excellence in cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, transplants, and treatment for cancer (Henry, 2016). Henry Ford Health Systems has over 23,000 employees, and is the fifth largest employer in the Metro-Detroit area, and is also one of the most diverse health systems (Henry, 2016). As part of a successful marketing strategy, health care organizations use branding to promote their vision, and values. Branding is defined as a marketing strategy of creating a name, symbol, or design that identifies a product (Branding, 2016). Branding is a tool that conveys product benefits to customers in the form of names or symbols to which unique and motivating associations are attached (Sanya, Datta, & Banerjee, 2013). Organizations need to develop effective strategies that have purpose, relate to their audience, and positively represent the values of the organization. Services or products provided by a health care organization should be branded in order to appeal to customers’ needs, as well as their desires (Corbin, Kelley, & Schwartz, 2001). According to the article “Focus on branding to attract healthcare consumers”, an active branding strategy can align physicians and staff with the hospital’s identity, as well as their mission, and make communication consistent (Caramenico, 2012). As one of the leading hospitals in the metro Detroit area, Henry Ford Hospital focuses their branding strategy on…
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