Computer Systems

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Assignment Front Sheet|
Learner name|Assessor name|
|Chagitha Hewage |
Date Issued|Completion date|Submitted on|
15th August 2013|15th November 2013||
Qualification|Unit number and title|
HND in Computing and Systems Development | 02-Computer Systems|
Assignment title|Computer Systems – Unit 2 |
In this assignment you will have opportunities to provide evidence against the following criteria.Indicate the page numbers where the evidence can be found |

Criteria reference|To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the student is able to:||Task no.||Evidence|
P2.1.1|Explain the role of computer systems in differentenvironments||T1.1|||
P2.1.2|Explain the hardware, software and peripheralcomponents of a computer
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Provide reasons on your recommendation for each product. This task provides evidence for P2.1.3|
Task 022.1 Submit a report that contains your specification of the hardware and software required for the Billing Section of Electricity board. This task provides evidence for P2.2.1, P2.3.12.2 Prepare a system specification for one PC by considering client requirements, system requirements, system components, configuration, time, tools and resources, alternatives eg. processor types, backup options for Electricity board Help desk. Your answer should evaluate the suitability of suggested system for help desk people. This task provides evidence for P2.2.2|
Task 03 3.1 You will need to make sure that the system is working correctly. You are required to create a test plan (see Figure one) that tests the main hardware and software components. Once completed, carryout out your documented tests.Any test failures should be explained using screen shots.Figure OneTest PlanTester:Test Location: Test Date:Asset Number (If Applicable):Test No:|Purpose:|Test Input:|Expected Result:|Actual Result:|Pass/Fail:||||||||||||||||||| This task provides evidence for P2.3.2Task 044.1 To do computer maintenance of Electricity Board management has suggest you to do

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