Concept Of Organizational Culture : Cath Kidston

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Cath Kidston was founded in 1993 by a British designer, Ms. Cath Kidston. The company completed its 20 years in the year 2013 and in now present not only in UK but also internationally in 15 countries. In 2010 TA Associate a US based private equity group bout 60% of its shares at about £100 million.
Cath Kidston positions itself as a brand that offers the women a product with modern vintage designs that aim to brighten up their day. 1) Concept of organisational culture:
The main idea behind the concept of organisational culture is a set of shared assumptions and values, the working life and the relationships. Organisational culture in a layman’s words would simply mean, ‘way things get done’. It is an informal way of working. It is these values that influences the way people behave with their customers or with each other. This also influence the way they relate their work. I would like to contextualise this with two examples:
Dunster house limited ( is one of UK’s leading suppliers of garden buildings based in Bedford. They have various departments with a formal line of communication. People working there have to be punctual specified on the contract irrespective of the nature of job. It is not unusual for people to receive low performance evaluation on being late. Any ideas or suggestions have to made only through the immediate superior. They have a strict dress code requiring formal wear only, Fridays are no exception. One of the
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