Different Cultures And Structures Of The Organization Essay

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Introduction When an organisation is formed certain patterns of behavior will be acceptable to all members of the organisation and the behavioral examples can be seen everywhere within it. This is exactly the role that organisational culture plays. (Rollinson, 2008).Organisations are in some ways similar to fingerprints, each one has its own unique structure. However, an organisation that is completely unique is very difficult to find. (Alvesson, 1956) In this essay the variety of cultures and structures will be discussed and at the end according to these cultures and structures the POBL organisation will be evaluated.POBL is a new and fresh mental health charity that has been formed to make a difference to the people of Wales and their families, who are either now, or will at some future point, find themselves suffering from a mental health condition. (Pobl, 2013). Culture determines whatever humans learn as well as their behaviour. Culture is a phenomenon that originated from the consideration of natural demands and social powers. Generally, the concept of culture is the life quality of a group of human beings that is transmitted from one generation to another. (Rollinson, 2008) Organisational culture is a set of beliefs and values that effects the behaviour and thinking of organisation members and it can be a starting point for mobility or can create an obstacle to progress. Also, these are the basic areas of change and organisational evolution. (Hill & Gareth R Jones,
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