Construction Of A New 300m2 House

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Question 1 (1000 words + forms)
In your locality:
1. Outline the process you would take when seeking approval for the construction of a new 300m2 house (Class 1) and 22m2 shed (Class 10). Include a blank copy of any stationery required to complete your objective as an appendix to your response.
2. Identify and discuss the roles of the key bodies (local government, state government, appointed private bodies etc) that are included in the above approval process and identify their roles and responsibilities.
Introduction – Part 1
There are three types of approval relating to residential, industrial or commercial development in NSW, the criteria for each is based on the degree of the works proposed. The three types of approval are:
- Exempt Development which is only available for minor developments such as a deck, the benefit of this is no approval is required providing the construction meets a variety of standards defined by legislation.
- Complying Development is for small scale developments like new houses or installation of ventilation into a building, the advantage to this type of approval is that a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) can be issued by local council or private certifying company.
- Development Application is required for the majority of developments, from houses exceeding the maximum height for complying development approval to apartment blocks and industrial buildings. Development application also known as Development Consent is granted by local

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