What Is Pre-Approval Conditions Of The Site Plan Agreement?

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3.0 Comments Dated August 24, 2017 (Email from Avi Bacher) Per the OMB Decision, the Re-zoning is contingent on Rockport also clearing the Site Plan Pre-Approval Conditions. ECS has reviewed Rockport's request to defer Pre-Approval conditions to instead be conditions of the Site Plan Agreement. In consultation with Toronto Water and Transportation, we have the following response: • The Pre-Approval Condition to submit a Draft Strata Reference Plan of Survey for the lands to be subject to the pedestrian easement will be deferred to the Site Plan Agreement; and • Rockport's proposal to achieve compliance with MOECC F-5-5 includes improvements to municipal infrastructure, which typically requires, as a Pre-Approval Condition, execution of…show more content…
5.0 Comments Dated August 30, 2017 (Email from Avi Bachar) Below is the comment we received from Toronto Water. The rationale is sound, subject to Civica confirming they checked the model and did not just assume that TW's report was correct: • I think Civica is trying to say that the Area 32 model already considered a scenario where the three catchbasins are connected to the storm sewer under review (even though the catchbasins aren't connected under existing conditions) and as a result, the model did not indicate any need for remedial measures to the storm drainage system. If this is correct, this is a good start. There was a mistake in the existing condition model of the EA. The existing condition model had the 3 three catch basins located on the laneway east of 11 Stanton Ave connected to the storm system. • However, David Kellershohn advised of concerns several months ago that the Area 32 model produces unreliable HGL results based on how downstream submerged sewer conditions are considered. Civica was advised of this previously. If Civica can say they checked that part of the Area 32 model that includes the storm sewer under review and see no issues with the model based on TW concerns (or anything else that would normally be checked) and Civica's conclusions remain as is, this should be acceptable as confirmation of adequate capacity in the receiving storm sewer system. These concerns have been acknowledged and section of the EA model has been isolated and
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