Content Marketing Is Not Like Painting By Numbers

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Content marketing is not like painting by numbers. This step-by-step guide is broken in the process phases. This article covers the planning, execution and reflection phases.

First, this article discusses a few common problems that are faced by professional content marketers. It then moves onto if you have failed yet, where you learn the best way to guarantee success. The article then moves on to explain how you sell your brand, and gives some very strong advice on the platforms you should use. There is then a quick work on tools before final thoughts on the step-by-step content marketing guidelines.

Common Content Marketing Problems For Professionals

Here are a few common content marketing problems that “professional” content
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Sometimes, content marketers feel like they spend hours crafting intricate sand sculptures just before the tide comes in.

Content Marketing Problem - Uneven Stylistic And Content Rules

So far as your consumers are concerned, your business has one voice. The problem with a large writing and creative staff is that the content style may appear schizophrenic. The same thing happened in the Simpsons because they have so many writers. One week Homer is a girly loser, and the next he is a beer-drinking thug. Strong and balanced stylistic and content rules are required to help stop this problem.

Content Marketing Problem - Prohibitive Bureaucracy

This is one of the problems mentioned by Joe Lazaukas (mentioned later), and it deserves a place on this article. Prohibitive bureaucracy is becoming a bigger and bigger problem as the Internet is regulated and policed more efficiently. The sad part is that to get around such bureaucracy requires a lot of extra work. For example, Lemmino, of TopTenMemes writes his own music because he is sick of YouTube taking down his videos whenever he plays a relevant musical score.

If you would like to know more problems that professionals have, then Joe Lazaukas has some very real and personal insights.

Have You Failed Yet?

If you have your product already, then you
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