Conversely, In A Formal Exam Assessment, Some Learners

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Conversely, in a formal exam assessment, some learners would enjoy the challenge of an exam while other learners might feel anxious about it. A key weakness in this method is that some learners could prepare for their exams by concentrating on past exam papers which lessen the likelihood of long term learning. Also, other arrangements such as invigilation might also be required to be in place (Gravells, 2014, P.168). Self-assessment entails learners assessing their own progress as the name denotes. This could lead to learners taking responsibility by setting their own goals as well as taking ownership of their progress. In contrast, learners could build a sense achievement higher than it is worth. Therefore, there will still be a need to…show more content…
On the other hand, a learner might benefit from a verbal examination rather than written questions while another learner might prefer to be assessed bilingually. This would then mean liaising with other members of staff or the awarding organisation to make acceptability of such options (Gravells, 2014, P171). Furthermore, mentors, workplace supervisors and witnesses alike usually need details of the learner’s progress while relevant support staff will also need information about the learner so to give any required help and guidance. Overall, everyone who is involved with a particular learner needs to be aware of that learner’s progress and achievement by having a regular communication (Gravells, 2014, p171). Assessment sometimes involved a learner assessing their own work and is known as self-assessment while on the other hand, learners/ students can assess one another in a process known as peer assessment. Such methods of assessment give confidence to learners to be accountable for their learning and assessment as well as taking a decision about what they have been taught already. However, the learners will need to be wholly aware of what it is that they are required to assess i.e. the assessment criteria, the importance of being objective in their assessment and how they could give a constructive feedback to those that they assessed. While giving feedback, it is very important to make sure that
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