Corporate Communication Strategies For A Small Sized Enterprise

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Corporate communication is the board function which sets the framework and vocabulary for the effective communication with overall purpose of building and maintaining favourable position and stakeholders groups which the organisation is dependent. (Cornelissen J, 2004) The overall functioning of an enterprise thus depends upon how the communication transitions between its levels.
The assignment aims at studying the importance of communication to support corporate development in a small sized Information Technology Company. The best practices used by the Organization to improvise Organizational communication are thoroughly observed, and also the non-performing aspects within the communication channel are pointed out. The report further recommends the ways which can help improve the company manage its communication system. Introduction

The purpose of this report is to study the corporate communication strategies presently employed in Comtec IT Support Limited, Runcorn, Cheshire. The company is a small-sized enterprise, established 5 years ago in 2009. The total employee strength of the Organization is 25 members. With its sole branch operating out of Runcorn, the company has been performing consistently well since its commencement.

Task 1
1. Using the selected organisation as case study, briefly analyse and examine the existing communication strategy and discuss how important is to have an effective corporate communication strategy as well as hw it serves the

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