Corporate Social Responsibility And Ethics Report Essay

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Daniel Schwartz
Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics Report
Raymond James is a financial service holding company with subsidiaries specializing in investment banking, financial planning, investments, and asset management. The company was founded in 1962, has been public since 1983, and was founded in St. Petersburg, Florida. In June 2016, Raymond James joined the Fortune 500 list for the first time. This paper will address the corporate social responsibility and ethics of this financial institution (Raymond James).
Raymond James and Corporate Social Responsibility Raymond James addresses social responsibility in a variety of ways. The “Social Responsibility” tab on their website demonstrates their efforts to show their impact in the community. The page starts with a message from Bob James, the founder of Raymond James, and his belief that putting others first is the only way to conduct business correctly. This mentality has stuck with the company as a way of thanking those who have supported Raymond James over the years. This message is followed by photos of some of the activities that Raymond James employees have participated in, helping paint the picture of what the company has really done in the community. According to the website, in 2015 Raymond James contributed over $8 million to local communities and supported 25+ organizations, events, and programs. A CSR fact sheet is also available that lays out the quantitative facts from their volunteer

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