Corporate Strategy And The Alignment Of Hr Strategy Essay

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In this paper, we will be looking into Westport Fuel Systems Inc. Corporate strategy and the alignment of HR strategy. The HR functions, the company growth, innovation and talent management. We will discuss in details how Westport implement its strategies and how effective these strategies are to the growth and development of both the company and employees. Also whether these strategies help in employee retention and general business productivity or not. Business success highly depends on these mentioned key areas. The result of business success depends on how effective corporate strategy is implemented. Recommendations and conclusions will be drawn from our findings after discussing the key points in details.

History and background
Westport Innovations is a company that designs and produces alternative fuel, liquefied natural gas, landfill gas, and compressed natural gas. The company headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The company also has facilities in France, China, America, and Sweden. Westport was founded in 1995 by Professor Philip Hill and David Demers at the University of British Columbia. Hill and David worked together with a team of graduate students and research engineers, they are focusing on natural gas as a fuel in diesel engines to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides and harmful atmospheric particulate matter. The Company believes in “creating a Better World through Innovative Energy Solutions”. The statement gives voice to who they are as a
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