Cultural Tourism in Mauritius

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1. Cultural Tourism in Mauritius Tourism comprises of activities of persons travelling and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than 1 consecutive year, for leisure business and other purposes (WTO, 1991). Mauritius is one of the islands which make up the Mascareignes Islands group. Tourism is a major factor in keeping the economy of this country as high as it is. Before people started visiting this beautiful part of the world they solely relied on agricultural businesses. Tourism industry has developed into a major pillar in the economy of Mauritius. Although, the sun, sea and sand known as the 3S is still considered as the major drives of the tourism industry, there are many other…show more content…
4. Objectives of the study The main objective of the study is to analyze the management strategies used to manage Adventure du Sucre Industrial Heritage Site. Besides, the other objectives of this study are as follows: ➢ To better understand of what is cultural tourism as well as Industrial Heritage tourism ➢ To analyze the management strategies that can be used at Adventure du Sucre Site in future ➢ To apply the policies derived by TICCIH which is the world organization representing industrial heritage and is special adviser to ICOMOS on industrial heritage on the management strategies to be undertaken at the different site 5. Problem Statement Since industrial heritage tourism is on the rise and that in Mauritius there are very few such site, it is inevitable that Aventure du Sucre will not only attract tourist but will also attract many local. Furthermore, the locals who mainly visit this site are students from primary, secondary and tertiary level. Thus, it is very important for the site mangers to provide a very good interpretation of the site as it the history of our sugar industry in Mauritius. Management strategies are necessary in order to manage this site efficiently and effectively so
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