Customer Service Is Where It All Begins

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Customer service is where it all begins. It is from the moment of meeting a customer to the moment of saying goodbye. Customer service is the root to a successful business and one of the most important aspects. However, most businesses, of all kinds, lack good customer service and lacking good customer service can hurt a business in many ways. I am employed at David’s Bridal in Baton Rouge and have heard of many customer complaints. My solution to this problem takes three steps. When hiring, an interviewer should look for extensive experience in customer service, followed by very frequent customer service training among employees, and finally giving an incentive to employee for having good customer service and encourage them to continue. …show more content…

The problem is employees are not going the extra mile to help their customers throughout the whole experience and process. (Kauffman) Every business relies on their customers coming back. Without brides, bridal gowns are not being sold. If employees cannot treat customers with half the attention they deserve, then there is a problem. The cause of bad customer service comes from employees not caring or being passionate. To some employees at David’s Bridal it is just a second job. Most people do not have a good tolerance for the energy it takes to be there one hundred perfect for their customer. Customers often have a short tolerance for patience and are not always very forgiving. Customer complaints can arrive from something a customer saw and or heard that they did not like. This can mean seeing employees look or act unprofessional or from an employee being rude and unhelpful. “’If we would treat customers like we would normally treat guests in our house, we 'd have a lot more business,’ West said.” (Jones)
Another cause of bad customer service comes from the hiring process. There is a lack of clearness on the vision and expectations for the new employee. The problem can also root from new employees not seeing good examples from employees who have been at the company for some time. Sometimes new employees see current employees doing things they should not be doing and that will cause new employees to already slack. Not having good role

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