Lessons You Can Learn From Other 's Mistakes

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3 Lessons you can Learn from Other’s Mistakes We all make mistakes. But, hopefully you don’t have the misfortune of making the same mistake twice. Better yet, maybe you can watch other people make the mistakes and avoid them altogether. Naturally, in the world of online content marketing, it’s easy to make mistakes. Luckily, others have already made them and we can now sit back and learn from them. Here are some real-life examples that will make you cringe. Spam from the Camry Toyota makes some pretty popular cars. They are cost-effective and get great gas mileage. Plus, they aren’t that bad to look at. It’s probably for this reason that they sell so well. But, like any company, Toyota is constantly on the lookout for ways to increase their market share. Enter the great Superbowl disaster 2012. Toyota knew that social media was on the rise and decided to capitalize on the situation. But, what they didn’t count on is that their entire campaign would go up in flames. After setting up several Twitter accounts, such as CamryEffect1, 2, and so on, the company began using their new accounts tremendously. The goal was to get their name out there and getting on a personal level with their customers. But, the plan completely backfired. Instead of the customers being excited and engaged with the Twitter conversations, they were annoyed. They viewed this as an attempt to self-promote the company and considered the messages unsolicited spam. Naturally, they couldn’t stand the

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