Definition Of Self Directed Learning

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1a. Self-Directed Learning: This requires in-depth learning in topics or course of study without being directed by a lecturer or teacher. The self-directed learner must have integrity, self-esteem, and self-confidence in order to achieve a balance in learning and understanding what is learned with a view to putting down words in writing or in research to the understanding of the targeted audience to which the paper was written. It involves taking initiative, independence mindset, and persistence in reading, ability to view problems and challenges as not being an obstacle to learn, creating schedules and abiding by it is effective and important to achieving the goal of learning.

Essential Aspects Required:

(i) Taking Initiative: It …show more content…

(ix) Need for Self Confidence: The belief in one’s ability to succeed in specific situations in order to accomplish tasks or goals is phenomenal to actualize self-directed learning.

(x) Keeping to Timing: Setting timing to execute an assignment and continuous repetition of relevant topic and papers required for the course of study and other related topics should be strictly adhered to using an organised time frame.

(xi) Setting plans, the pace, and a goal orientation for learning: Ensuring an appropriate plan must be put in place, the learning rate of movement and a goal of learning is an essential ingredient required of a self-directed learner.

1b. Intrinsic Motivation: This refers to individual behaviour at the motivation towards deriving pleasure in the form of reward for doing what is a necessary in order to achieve success. It involves the pursuit of doing something for the benefit of enjoying it. Intrinsic motivation arises from one 's mind inspirational, to do the work and not for an external desire to gain a reward such as prizes and monetary benefit. Certain factors should be considered to be intrinsically motivated and they include curiosity, need to take control of mind-set, taking into considerations, challenges experienced in self-direct learning, recognition of sources used for learning cooperation and competition.

1c. Active Learning: This can

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