Dependency on Technology : Negative Impact on Human Communication

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Dependency on Technology: Negative Impacts on Human Communication Quazi Mohammad Faisal North South University Tuesday, December 22, 2009 Abstract Technology has indeed made tremendous impact to society as well as on the quantity and manner by which we communicate with each other. The ease of communication may have been improved, but our lives have become more impersonal as a result. The research was focused on the area of technology’s application on our lives and how it is affecting our interpersonal communication. The research was initiated in the belief that the abundant use of technology might be influencing the real human communication. The primary research was performed by questioning certain individuals regarding their…show more content…
It is also essential for our development as a part of the society. Human communication in any relationship is of vital importance. It is necessary to be able to talk with your partner. This is essential in any kind of relationships with your parents, siblings, relatives, friends, neighbors. It is like watering the plant. In order to let our interpersonal relationship grow freely into a beautiful flower, we need to communicate. Talking, exchanging ideas, feelings, thoughts, these are all the significant signs to tell where our relationship is going. This will give us the strength to overcome all the challenges that we will certainly encounter during various phases of our life. However, the progress of science and innovations has influenced our lives immensely. Many people do not realize how technological advancements have made an impact on our lives that it seems almost impossible to live without it. Whether you love or hate technology, it is here to stay. It is growing and changing every day. Technology has changed the way we communicate, look at and enjoy in this world. We chat online using instant messages, listen to our music on portable players and realize that the world is no longer as big as it once was. Reaching to people on the other half of the world does not seem so far off anymore. But with all these blessings of technology, is not there any effect that is hindering? Of course there is.

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