Describe the various stages of a hiring process

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Describe the various stages of a hiring process and your strategy as an H.R. manager to optimize this process for your organization.

The hiring process is, generally, the same for all organizations, and it consists of three main stages: recruitment, selection and induction.

Recruitment is a process of attracting the widest pool of talents for a vacancy, and there is a variety of ways to recruit new people.
First option is to give a vacant job to a current employee, in other words, to give a promotion. This is very convenient, as there will be no need to explain to that person how the company works, there is already a record on the performance and this gives the right message to other employees, but, on the other hand, every
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Also it is very useful to make a background check, which include academic, criminal, medical, financial, and immigration records. Nowadays it is also common to check the facebook pages and social network accounts of future employees.
After all of the tests and checkups were done, the selection process comes to its final stage, which is an interview. The interview gives an HR manager an opportunity to fill-in the gaps in CVs and further evaluate the applicant 's job-related knowledge, skills, and abilities. Normally, after the interview HR manager and the employee can take a decision which of the candidates to hire.

The last stage of the hiring process is Induction. Induction means making the new employee feel comfortable, taking him/her through the company 's vision, mission, as well as introducing him to the key people in the organization It consists of training and development.Training is short-term, based on skills improvement, job specific, individual correcting or improving performance and productivity.
Development is long-term, carrier planning, personal development and teamwork.
Induction also includes a process of adaptation of a freshman into a company. As a HR manager I would make sure that the new employee feels comfortable in a new environment, knows the corporate mission, gets on well with other people and knows some basic company 's rules: what time are the breaks for a coffee, how do you keep the documents, who are the
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