Description Of The Hr Function That You Had Chosen Essay

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2.0 Literature Review 2.1 Brief description on the HR function that you had chosen. In this assignment, we had chosen recruitment which is the most suitable function for our topic. Recruitment is defined as the organization activities of attracting potential employees and encouraging them for doing the job application in an organization (, 2014). As we know, employees are the greatest asset of a company. If the employees have bad attitude and low work motivation in a company, it will affect the company’s daily operation and productivity. Conversely, if there are talented employees who have high work motivation in contributing values continuously to the company, it not only helps the company to gain more profit, yet it also helps to advance the company-development. Therefore, recruitment is essential in developing the employer’s workforce to ensure that we are hiring the right person and get better human resources than our competitors. Those companies that value their people are willing to make large amount of investment in recruiting and staffing because they knew that the right set of talented employees can not only raise the company’s profile but also and keep it running effectively. In order to set up an effective recruitment, there are few steps to follow. Firstly, the managers need to carry out workforce planning and forecasting to identify the job vacancy in the organization. After the first step had been done, they have to conduct job
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