Descriptive Essay On Grandmother's Love

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My grandmother’s love is like no other. It is very peculiar but also unique in its own way. She has a strange way of showing her emotions. You’ll never see her cry or sad, she’s the strongest person in our family. My grandmother holds the family together when times are rough. When I was growing up, my grandmother’s house was my favorite place to visit. Especially on an early Sunday morning when the sun is beginning to rise and you can hear the birds chirping. I could always smell my grandmother’s biscuits a mile away. The sweet smell of buttery baked biscuits was my favorite. She would always make a big breakfast on Sunday’s and the whole family would come over. My family is known to be separated at times but when we got together at my grandmother’s house, it was pure joy. My grandmother would say a prayer and everyone would gather around the table. After breakfast, we would all get prepared for church service. Then when church service was over, we would all go our separate ways. I was told that my grandmother was a hard worker. She worked over 30 years for the Mississippi State Hospital before she retired. The patients adored her. She took her job very seriously, working double shifts when needed 5 days a week. She was awarded employee of the year several times. There wasn’t much of anything that was asked of her that she wouldn’t do. My grandmother requested a lot of personal time which entitled her to take a whole year off before retiring. My great grandmother became

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