Destination Life Cycle

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The major attractions for tourists are the Sydney Aquarium and the Chinese Garden. According to the video the total number of visitors in darling harbor last year was 27.9 million out of which 3.8 million visitors is on transit and the remaining 24.6 million are from interstate or overseas.
The location of the Radicor hotel attracts both business travelers as well as tourists. Considering the number of visitors it is comprehensible that competition between hotels, cafes and restaurant would be very high. Hotels have to go beyond excellence to attract customers as in such a location with so varied visitors it is a challenge to meet the expectations of everyone and maintaining the customer service level.
The Radicor Hotel takes pride in providing quality and excellence to its guests and stakeholders. Marcus Vesty the world renowned chef runs the Abbey restaurant located on the ground floor of the Radicor Hotel and is considered the leading restaurant in Sydney providing a fusion of flavors from east and west. Marcus leases the restaurant from the Radicor Hotel on a profit share basis.
There are a number of issues that the Radicor Hotel is facing and to top that up John’s shocking feedback about The Abbey is now really a knock on the door for them. To make things worse the parent company Simcom Group is certain about selling off one of the Radicor chain Hotels as a result of global financial crisis and Radicor

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