Essay on Developing Professional Practice

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Developing Professional Practice – 5DPP Evaluation Development of a professional body for personnel practitioners came from a conference that was held in York in 1913. The people present formed an Association of Employers whose interest was the industrial betterment and of welfare workers engaged by them. What followed was a number of name changes, mergers with other groups and a broadening of the type of duties undertaken which included payroll, health and safety, employee services and welfare and education and training. In 1946 the Institute of Personnel Management was formed which joined with the Institute of Training and Development in 1994 to form the Institute of Personnel and Development. In 2000 chartered status was…show more content…
law or medicine. In an effort to address my own personal development I have embarked upon the study of the Diploma in HRM Course. It is important to both me personally and to my organisation that I gain the underpinning knowledge of a role that I already perform. Following a number of self assessment processes including the completion of the CIPD HR Map I have been able to identify a number of areas for development as outlined in my personal development plan which I will now look at individually as follows: Strategic Management: Looking at Ulrich and Brockbanks’s model of human resource management and the five roles I can identify with four of the five roles strongly in my current role. The role that I have the least experience and knowledge in is that of strategic partner. To address this area of need I persuaded my employers to both pay and allow me the time to study the Diploma in HRM. This
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