Different Theories About Learning Styles Essay

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Introduction Learning style is an individual 's unique approach to learning based on strengths, weaknesses, and, preferences. Learning styles explains the concept that every person learns differently. Assessments of learning style typically ask individuals to evaluate what sort of information presentation they prefer, and, what kind of mental activity they find most engaging, and, attractive for them. Theories about learning styles agree that all people can be classified according to their style of learning. In this paper different theories about learning styles are reviewed briefly. At the end, Gendlin experiential theory is reviewed in detail.

Learning styles
There is a model that use to classify some of the most common ways of individuals learning styles. The name of this model is VARK. New Zealand teacher Neil D. Fleming was inventor of VARK which stands for Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing, and, Kinesthetic learning styles.
Visual learners. They prefer images, maps, and, graphics. They tend to observe things, and, pictures in order to improve their level of knowledge. They understand written instructions better than oral. Once they know the spelling of a word, they can look for it easily in the dictionary. Visual learners can be distracted by noise. They need a quiet environment to concentrate. Mind maps, highlighting, lists, and, notes

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