Different Theories Of Motivation

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Motivation Theories [300]
Motivational theories are attempted to explain the way of employee effort is generated, in this they are different types of motivational theories which is perform the effective result of the organization development with the employee individual behavior. Different types of motivational theories are named as goal setting, social learning and equity theories.
Goal setting theory: This is an essential part of the cognitive motivational theory, it is plays a key role in the motivation aspect and it can be completes the goals performance in effective manner. Motivation theory proposes that goals can be analyze employee effort, work attention, the persistence increased by the employee and strategies used to accomplish tasks. The term of goal has been influence an employee individual behavioral intentions they are distinct in the cognitive representations of goals. Theory of goal setting is likely to perform best supported theory of work motivation aspects also it is the most best supported management theory in the overall given theories. Based on organizational behavior the employee individual goal setting factor is become a most important aspect of several human resource development programs, and is to motivate the participants to achieve the goals (Werner &
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The analyst proposed that the theory outcome and self value expectations are gives affective performance to the individuals. In this the self value outcome is defined as management judgments of performing their capabilities to lead and complete activities of actions that are required to attain elected individual performances. Another expectation of outcome is represents an employee confidence that would performs in the given individual behavior of the employee and it will organize to give an effective
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